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    northeast Portland alleyway guardian





  3. So here’s the deal. If you follow me but don’t know this poem of mine, I wish you’d read it. I released it as a self-published chapbook a little over a year ago. This poem marked a huge shift in my abilities as a writer, and it taught me to believe in the things I create. I have still wavered at times, but I remain so proud of this. So please. Read I WANT TO SAY HOW I FEEL AND BE DONE WITH IT FOREVER. <3

  4. rgbateman:

    So excited to be choosing paper options and cover designs with Bone Tax Press for my forthcoming chapbook DEAD AS. There’s literally no better feeling than when other people care about something you made and want to use their talents to make it beautiful. Look for it September 6th. — with Ross Robbinsand Zachary Cosby.

    Heck yeah, I’m publishing Robyn Bateman! This chap is RAD.


  5. voicemailpoems:

    'My Mother Asks How I Was Gay Before Sleeping with a Man'
    by Eric Tran

    She says I’ve taught you this before: press the skin
    of pears to your nose to sense if they’re ripe,
    Sound out foreign words, spring-load them on your lips

    before flicking them off your tongue. Measure drinks
    with your fingers, test gold with your teeth. Do you trust
    the strength of ice with the weight of one toe,

    the day’s weather without throwing yourself into it,
    the spice of a pepper by biting the tip? Son,
    the world is not known by its surfaces alone.

    When you cut new flowers, split their stems
    like a giant vein, teach them to drink water again.
    I warned you once not to touch fire red coils,

    but you had to reach out your hand, palm the heat,
    hold the fire in your fist to learn how to be afraid.


    Eric Tran called us from Carrboro, NC.
    More about Eric.


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    Very nice.

  6. whatmountains:

    Next tattoo I get (soon) is this Anne Carson drawing.

    <3 love love love love love

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  8. humansofnewyork:

    A few months ago, I introduced everybody to a community that my girlfriend started called Susie’s Senior Dogs. (Named after our dog Susie, who we adopted at age eleven and has been a complete joy.) I haven’t mentioned Susie’s Senior Dogs in awhile, because I try to keep HONY 99.9% portraits, but amazing things have been happening over there. In the past few months, Erin has connected over 100 senior dogs with homes all over the country. Almost all the dogs are over seven years old, and some have been sitting in shelters for months or years. Now they have wonderful, loving homes in which to live out the rest of their days. So if you think you may ever want a dog, know somebody who may want a dog, or just want to be encouraged by some of the wonderful adoption stories— please consider following the page. (The four dogs pictured— Eva, Savannah, Holly, and Lucy— all found homes through Susie’s Senior Dogs.)

    I can’t adopt a dog…but if you can, why not consider an older dog? These stories always make me cry. 

  9. aseaofquotes:

    Sherman Alexie, “On Airplanes”


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  10. A first draft from a new project. Hope you dig it.